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Martyn Ravenhill Discusses the Vacation Ownership Industry

Posted by on Jul 3, 2013 in Lloydshare Limited, Martyn Ravenhill |

Martyn Ravenhill knows that becoming a leader in the Vacation Ownership Industry is not an easy thing.  It takes someone who believes in what they are doing.  It takes someone who is ambitious and hard-working.   It takes someone who is dedicated to their company and to the Vacation Club Industry.  It takes someone who is easy with words and people.  It takes a person who loves to travel and is socially available for such excursions.  A great leader in the Vacation Ownership industry is someone who is persistent and never brought down by others who try and lead you into their belief system.  It is someone who can ignore others who try and make you believe that what you do isn’t honest and believe it is a scam or a rip- off.   A leader in the Vacation Ownership industry needs to be someone who is self-confident and can disassociate oneself from all that negativity. Most of all, it is someone who is honest with himself.

When you are selling anything in this world,   whether it be toothpaste or timeshare or a deferred annuity investment, Martyn Ravenhill understands that you must be honest in your negotiations.  If you believe that what you are selling is a scam or a rip-off how can you make your investors believe differently?  This business suffers enough without someone who isn’t completely dedicated to the industry.

Do you think that the leaders in the Vacation Ownership Industry are where they are today without believing in the vision and dreams that they provide for their investors?  Do you think they would earn top money and awards and trips if they thought for one minute that what they were selling was a scam or a rip-off? Martyn Ravenhill knows that it takes dedication, persistence, social qualities and all the rest; but where would they be if they didn’t believe in their investment?  “Nowhere” is the answer.

Do you want to be nowhere or do you want to be where the leaders of the Vacation Club Industry are today?

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Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Limited Prepares for AMDETUR

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Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Limited will be part of a busy team over the next month as they prepare to go to Mexico City  for the AMDETUR Convention & Exposition, which is being held June 19, 20 and 21 at the Hotel Hilton Reforma, a remarkable location with beautiful architecture.  AMDETUR is the Asociacion Mexicana de Desarrolladores Turísticos.  Martyn Ravenhill knows that this organization was founded 26 years ago and it is dedicated to bringing together investors, developers and vendors to solidify the vacation club industry and promote its growth.  It is one of eleven of the top vacation ownership organizations to sign an oath of ethics and they do their work in conjunction with the Federal, State and Municipal entities of Mexico.

The theme this year is the “The New Era of Tourism,   Capitalizing Vacation Club Ownership Opportunities”.  There will be many speakers and one in particular will be Juliette Powell, author of the book “33 Million People in the Room,” which explains the ways of creating and running a successful business through social marketing media worldwide.

Martyn Ravenhill and the Lloydshare team will be attending this convention with an open mind, like a sponge.  They will be filtering the information through their own frame of reference; always with their current investors in mind but also thinking about their future ones as well.

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Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Covers the Benefits of Annuities

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Martyn Ravenhill of  Lloydshare knows that there are many people who have predicted the end, but there is indeed a future and it is coming faster than you realize.  There is a recent news report in the states that many pension accounts have become obsolete and most families don’t have enough money in their 401 savings plans to support them for six months of retirement much less 20 years or more.  And many people have lost the majority of the equity in their homes.

Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare understands that there could be serious consequences if you don’t plan now.  What if your parents get sick and need your help since they haven’t planned well for their future?  What happens if you get sick or your children have an accident?

There are other concerns as well. Reality suggests that the cost of a college education is spiraling out of control, even at the community colleges and state universities.  Do you really want to leave your children’s future to the off chance that they might receive a scholarship?  Or that they might have to work their own way through their college years?  Yes I know, that’s what you did.    You were tough!  You walked 20 miles in the snow to your school, too, right?  But is that really what you want for your children?

Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare recognizes that all of this can easily be turned around with a few positive moves.  You don’t have to be at the mercy of the government but putting a little aside now reaps huge rewards in the future.

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Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Brought “Speed Networking” to GNEX

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Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Limited Incorporated recently returned from a successful trip to the Global Networking Expo (GNEX) in Beverly Hills, California. On the first day of the event, targeted towards members of the vacation ownership and fractional ownership industry, Lloydshare sponsored the Speed Networking session.

What is Speed Networking? Similar to the concept of “speed dating,” it’s an event in which individuals are given the test to explain the best about themselves in short, one- to two-minute time intervals. At the GNEX Conference, this Speed Networking session followed this exact format. Industry members were given the opportunity to introduce themselves and learn about each other’s businesses but for each contact they only had a couple of minutes to explain best aspects about their company and product or service.

The Speed Networking, which took place in the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel in California, was, in few words, another successful sponsorship venture for Lloydshare Limited. Of course, Martyn Ravenhill and Lloydshare is no stranger to this type of event. During the two previous GNEX conferences in Cancun, Mexico, and the Bahamas, Lloydshare also sponsored this same, quick, meet-and-greet type of corporate event. In both locations, conference attendees walked away meeting with more than a handful of contacts who were either prospective clients or valuable business allies.

Martyn Ravenhill  and Lloydshare Limited wishes to thank Perspective Magazine, the organizers of the GNEX Conference, for hosting another great industry event. Next year, the conference is due to take place in Florida State. Lloydshare is looking forward to attending and supporting this industry event, once again.

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Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Receives Appreciation Award

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Martyn Ravenhill is the President and CEO of Lloydshare Limited and has recently received an Appreciation Award for his work by Maxwell Magazine. The award highlights Mr. Ravenhill as being featured in the magazine throughout last year as a featured Business Profile.

The award was presented during Maxwell Magazine’s 3rd anniversary celebration in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Martyn Ravenhill had this to say about the award:

“Recognition is as equally important as reward in my view, when the two are combined it really demonstrates something meaningful and special. I wish to thank everyone at Maxwell Magazine for their appreciation and continued success.”

Lloydshare has also received a ‘Best Developer Partner’ award from Perspective Magazine for their superior business practices. They also continue to grow within the industry by offering many benefits, as well as respect, to their members.

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